The following studies identified the need for the pedestrian and bicycle bridge.

* The University Bicycle Pedestrian Bridge was identified as a high priority in the extensive University District Strategic Master Planning process completed in 2004.

* The critical need for this physical and symbolic linkage was confirmed in the 2008 Downtown Planning Update, Fast Forward Spokane.

* The 2008  DKS Downtown and University District Transportation Improvement Study and SRTC Smart Routes Case Statement both include the bridge as a necessary component in the City's alternative transportation planning, as well as future land use growth patterns.

* In 2009 The City of Spokane Comprehensive Plan was amended to include the Bicycle Master Plan, which includes the bridge.

* The 2009 Zimmerman Volk University District Housing Study also pointed to the capacity of the connecting bridge to significantly contribute identityy and livability, driving residential growth in the southern subarea and attracting private investment.

* 2009 Riverpoint Campus Master Plan Update

Contact the project manager, Katherine Miller, for information on how to access these studies.